As part of this first collaboration, I very much appreciated the quality of listening, strength of proposal and reactivity on the part of COMactive. These different qualities constituted real added value to create 4 animations and superb display cases and thus offer an immersive experience to our consumers to enter efficiently, in an innovative and fun way into the universe of the brand. A big thank you also for the quality of the follow-up and this result with which I am fully satisfied
"Salon du Bourget" went very well and the holographic animations in the private showroom were very appreciated. We wanted to thank you for your work and your responsiveness.
It was a pleasure to work with you.
"We were seduced by the innovative COMactive know-how that is truly unique in the market. The entire agency has mobilized 200% to carry out our various holographic projects.
Today, we are proud of the result and the quality of realization putting perfectly before the technicality of our cosmetic products. 3D holographic display cases offer ultra-design, state-of-the-art communication support! "
"Our objective was to demonstrate our service to a VIP clientele in an innovative way. At the COMactive showroom, we were able to discover the wide range and quality of their display cases as well as the quality of 3D animations, which convinced us that hologram technology would meet our expectations. After an end-to-end support, the result is equal to the stakes, both on the media and on the object itself. Our service is promoted in the best of ways. The care given to the details, the quality of listening and the expertise provided throughout the project by COMactive teams were crucial to the success of this project."