When holography strengthens and enhances the relationship between points of sale and customers

COMactive puts holography at the service of stores to enable them to continue their digitization while strengthening their relationship with their customers. Interview with Murielle and Jean-Pierre Connan-Rivière, co-owners of COMactive.

COMactive gives a new impetus to the digitalization of points of sale and customer relationship. Tell us more?
With the rise of e-commerce, points of sale want to digitize by providing a differentiating customer experience to build a lasting relationship with the customer.
Recognizing these challenges, we believe it is essential to create an emotional experience with the client. It is necessary to astonish him, to bring him an immersive experience in the universe of the brand, there must be no break between communication and the physical product. With our digital solutions, we initiate the conversation with the customer about the physical product by providing an immersive, memorable experience that will be a source of amazement and emotion.

In this process, you chose to use holography. Why?
With holography, we stage the product; we sublimate the real by the virtual and we take the customer into the world of the brand.
We can also, through holography, bring a great pedagogy to the product to highlight the know-how of the brand or the technicality of the product.
In 8 years, we have acquired real expertise in supporting our customers to implement this differentiating digital solution and to stage their products.

Who are your holographic display cases for?

Eight years ago, when the COMactive adventure began, we mainly supported the Luxury brands, which helped us export our solutions and our know-how through their travel retail business. We have also done a lot of work with the high tech sector because holography allows them to simplify the understanding of their products.

Today, we are reaching out to all sectors without any restrictions. As creators of holographic display case and 3D holographic animations, we offer them both the support (holographic display case) and the content (3D animations that will be projected in the display case).

In terms of content creation, we support them over time. Point-of-sale communication is not static. It evolves throughout the year based on highlights, seasonal events, or product launches. The customer returns to the point of sale with the desire to discover the new staging, the new conversation offered by the brand.

COMactive also claims its Made In France side. How is this an advantage?

This is a very important point for us! labelled French Tech, our display cases are designed and realized in Auvergne. Over the years, we have seen an increased sensitivity of French brands to Made in France. Our foreign customers, with whom we export our know-how, are also very sensitive to our Made in France side, a guarantee of the quality of our showcases, but also to the French Touch recognized by our animations.