Offer an emotional experience to your customers. 

Designer of holographic windows, COMactive dramatically sublimates your brand and products in 3D and stages your shop, your reception hall, your showroom, your industrial concept… This original and captivating experience for all your visitors subtly promotes the purchase decision while developing an attachment to your brand.

This Made in France technology ensures that you benefit from a personalized and tailor-made global solution with cutting-edge creativity. COMactive frees you from technology to offer you this emotional solution at a very affordable price. Make an appointment with know-how, technical skills, quality and reliability that are truly out of the ordinary. Awarded by a Popai Gold Award in 2014 in the category «technical and innovation» but also in 2018, these creators do not intend to stop in such a good way;show the invisible, develop the five senses exhaling scents for a holo-olfactory experience are already some examples of their new exclusivities.