Armor-lux also knits the digital

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The Armor-lux store extension opened on Friday, June 28, 2019, in Quimper. Digital is needed to make life easier for customers. And to display the brand in the digital world.

Since Friday, June 28, 2019, Armor-lux opened the extension of the factory shop in Quimper. With an additional 800 m², the store fulfills its role as flagship of the brand. It is here, a few meters from the manufacturing workshops, that innovations are tested. The store also highlights the seduction operation in the direction of customers. Common point of both approaches, digital declined in all its forms.

Customized marinière on demand

Under the “The unique garment” sign, the store now offers the possibility to personalize the clothes. A printer can transfer a photo on a t-shirt, a marinière. For the customer in store, simply post the scanned document on an email address. Subsequently, a scanner will allow the same function from a paper photo. Under the control of an operator, a fabric printer takes over. Ten minutes of drying and the garment is ready (10 € the operation). The customer can also add badges, request embroidery. The marinière customized thanks to digital …

Seduction by the hologram

The digital can also play seduction. The most striking is the hologram with a sailor in the making. Spectacular, the animation is placed in the center of the store of 2,300 m2. Other visuals can enrich the hologram.