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Lastest of the range, nominated in the POPAI AWARDS 2015.
More air, more design model, created to answer at the request of the customers who wish to have a totally transparent ecrin around their product.

Available in premium models 15" and 19".
Available in eco model 10".
Premium/Cube Clear 15

Model for your exhibitions, special events, shop windows, reception hall, ...

Available in 32", 45" and 55".
Available in standard models 10", 15", 19" and 22".
Premium/Holo One 32

Thanks to his specific shape and size, this display is mainly reserved to the wines and spirits industry.
Premium/Verti One

This new display has this specific uncluttered design that makes it even more eyes catching and magical.

Available in 10", 15" and 19" and tailor made.
Premium/Holo Z Plug & Play Premium

The HOLO Z was elected GOLD POPAI 2015.
All the refinement of the luxury to sublimate your products exposed in the ecrin "custom-made product".
Premium/Holo Z Plug and Play long

This product has a very attractive design and is made to advertise your products in many places, such as showrooms, shops, duty frees, professional exhibitions etc…
We can develop a customized layout in order to match with your merchandising guidelines.

In the current highly competitive market, 3D advertising will make the difference.
With the 360° display, you can look at the animation from all sides. Small products can fit inside, watches or jewels for instance.
Premium/Showcase 360°

The first circular holographic display. A very innovative shape to impress customers of luxury products and to introduce a smart touch of innovation in the most exclusive outlets.
Premium/Holo Circle

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